My Order!!

As some of you may know, last week I ordered two pairs of shoes from Target’s INSANELY cheap sale. These are the two I ordered:

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Well yesterday I finally got the package I had been waiting for all week and, as you can imagine, I was SOOOOO EXCITED when I saw that little Target box! SO I opened it up, and ripped open the first box, which was the Sigerson Morrison shoes (the ones I was REALLY anticipating) and I almost cried when I did…they gave me the wrong size by THREE SIZES! I even checked my order and receipt again, where it clearly said size 7 for both….but somehow they sent me a size 10. TEN. Meaning the actual box size was bigger too. It’s not like a half size accident or anything that could go unnoticed. This was a major difference, I mean the size 10 box is like 3 inches longer than the 7!!! So I seriously almost cried…but went ahead and checked out the Mossimo Verla pumps, which fortunately WERE the right size, and to my happy surprise, way cuter than the picture. Unfortunately though, at the time I was so upset about the Sigerson Morrison shoes that I couldn’t pay the other ones much mind. So I printed out the ticket to take it to the local Target store and return the shoes…and when I got there they told me they couldn’t put the order in for me there, and that in order to have them sent to me without me having to pay the price+shipping all over again that I would have to call their customer service number. I groaned a little on the inside, but went ahead and made the call…

I want to start off by saying that the reps are soooo nice, and the guy I talked to was really helpful and made me feel a lot better. Fortunately they still have some size 7’s left in stock (I was so worried they wouldn’t seeing that these shoes were on sale for $9.24) and so he put the order through for me. I tried to get the shipping expedited seeing that it was their error, but he told me if I did that I would have to pay $16.00, even after a $9.00 credit. So then he told me that he would still be able to give me the $9.00 credit to put towards a 3-5 day shipping, which made the amount come to $5.23 after tax. Which means I got these shoes half off the sale price because of their error. So…even though $9.24 was insanely cheap, I still managed to get them even cheaper! So hopefully I’ll have those sometime next week, and then I can give a review about them. After all of that, I was able to go back home and enjoy the gray Mossimo Verla’s…

And I have been enjoying them. The Verla is soooo nice. The picture above (from is really washed out, but in real life it’s like a taupe color and the canvas part is a light beige, not white. I will add some pictures later, but right now I’ll just give my review. After trying them on I was so pleased with the fit, and once I walked around I was amazed at how comfortable they are. So I wore them to work today (I work Tuesday through Saturday) and I got SO MANY compliments. I’m known as the ‘shoe girl’ at work so the girls are always looking to see what shoes I’m wearing, and today I did not dissapoint! Everyone loved them, and no one could believe I bought these for $7.49 from TARGET! So I gave them the ultimate test while at work, mostly sitting, but I did walk around quite a bit as well (and I walk fast, which can sometimes be painful if the shoe doesn’t fit right.) The 8 hours went by and my feet are STILL comfortable, and as a matter of fact I’m still wearing them…I don’t even want to take them off!! The hidden platform really helps to make them super comfortable, and the adjustable strap keeps my foot from sliding at all. I could seriously wear these all day, and I think I just might!!!


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