Running in Heels

Finally another fashion-related reality show to get us through those months without Project Runway!!!


Running in Heels is a reality show premiering March 1 on the Style Network, and it’s all about the magazine Marie Claire and three interns there who all happen to live together. In Soho. It’s apparently supposed to be in a documentary-style show, which should be interesting. It will also have tons of celebrity appearances including Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Molly Sims.

Should be worthwhile!!!


Sale at Shiekh Shoes

I was just browsing through the sale shoes at, and here are a few of my favorites:


Michael Antonio, Meagy, ON SALE FOR $29.97 (originally $39.97)

Seeing these shoes reminded me that I really don’t have a great pair of green shoes. The detailing on these is just fantastic, and I might just be added them to my list…


Michael Antonio, Joann, ON SALE FOR $25.00 (originally $39.97)

Once again I immediately fell in love with the color. This is a great teal blue, and I love that it is a Mary Jane.


Shiekh, DS SW7214, ON SALE FOR $27.00 (originally $39.97)

We’re seeing that purple will also be carrying over to next season (which I am very happy about!), and this is really just a great wedge for all the seasons!

A Few of My Favorites at Target

Just browsing through Target’s website and I found a few nice shoes under this season’s trends section. It seems that the gladiator style is still very much in, as well as animal textures and hardware.

These are my top three right now:


Mossimo Pavla Flat Sandal, Grey patent, $24.99

This is a nice refreshed version of the very prominent gladiator sandal for this coming summer. I love the grey, and the studs really give it a nice touch.


Xhilaration Tameka Flat Sandals, Bronze Snake, $19.99

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite. I mean look at the embellishment on this sandal! The beading detail is just fantastic, and so is the price!


Mossimo Vida Peep-Toe Pumps, Copper Snake $26.99

The first thing I notice on these pumps is the great copper color. And then I notice the cutout details and the adorable peep-toe. I really love this pump.

The Shoe Rack Dilemma…

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of shoes over the years, and my closet is getting smaller and smaller, so it seems. I have an over-the-door shoe rack which holds some of my shoes, but I still have shoes piled (as neatly as possible) in my closet, using up my shelf space and all of my floor space, and it really is time that I do something about it. At first I found this 50 pair shoe rack at Target, but it got mixed reviews and honestly it seems like it would be a bit of an eye sore in my small room. I did, however, come across this interesting shoe organizer by Rakku, and I’ve been debating whether or not it’s something I might want to invest in.

Here’s some pictures to get a better idea…



This really does seem like a great space saver, and it’s definitely a unique way to store your shoes! Now I’m just wondering how it is on the shoes. I found it on Target’s website, but unfortunately there were only a couple reviews but they both complained about how hard it was to put together. My question is: Is it worth it?

Anyone have any shoe storage tips?

And now for a poll….

Something to Look Forward to this Coming Fall…

I found this great collage on depicting the color combinations and how they will be used for this coming fall. These colors are chosen by Pantone based on what seems to have the most direction for the coming season. For fall 09 they seem to have been inspired by very rich earth tones and painterly schemes for some great combinations. This season will definitely not have the typical tones you see in autumn, as there are some great color pops, including some major pinks (fuchsia, coral, and Barbie inspired) and a great lime green!


Some Trends to Keep an Eye Out For…

Here’s some trends that are starting to show up more and more, so keep that in mind when you start going shopping!!!

And here are the trends…

Glitter Rocks

glitter-rock-4_gallery glitter-rock-7_gallery

Nuts and Bolts

nuts-and-bolts-03_gallery nuts-and-bolts-05_gallery


piece-out-4_gallery piece-out-6_gallery

Paper Dolls




Which is your favorite???

Win Some Free Shoes From Piperlime!!

I know that none of you will say no to an opportunity to get some free shoes, SOOOOOO….


Check out this link: (to Glamour’s website)

where you can fill out a form and have a chance to win a shopping spree, courtesy of Just to give you guys an idea of what you can win, one of the grand prizes is a $7,000 gift card. Yes, seven THOUSAND dollars, all for shoes. And for those that are just a little less lucky, there are 5 people who will win one pair of shoes from Piperlime.

So come on people! Go sign up!!!!!


Anyone who is a fan of Project Runway knows exactly what I’m talking about with this post! Even if you weren’t too happy about Christian Siriano becoming the winner of season 4 (personally I wanted Jillian to win) you have to admit that Christian was indeed ‘fierce.’ And now, his line of shoes for Payless are finally being debuted for all of us to see, and they are exactly what he always says: FIERCE!

Take a look

(thanks to NYMag for the pics!)


Yes…these babies are for PAYLESS. I couldn’t believe it either, and let me tell you I will be buying some of these when they hit the stores. Apparently Christian’s line will be in the $25-$45 range which is CRAZY AFFORDABLE for us not-so-rich people!!!

This line is inspired by the ancient Egyptians, and the blue print is actually supposed to resemble heiroglyphics. I have to admit I absolutely love those blue shoes too!!! So keep an eye on these, as they will be out this coming fall!!!!