Some Fun Finds at

I always forget about, but every time I check out that website I find some really cool stuff. Here are some really good deals I found:

Frequency Flats

Frequency Flats, $29.99

This awesome pattern was inspired by sound waves, although when I see it I think of Pucci prints. These shoes are multicolor knit and could easily dress up or down an outfit.

Awards Ceremony Heels

Awards Ceremony Heels, $39.99

First of all I want to say that I love that name. It makes it feel like such a fancy affair. This dainty little number combines a vast array of metallics onto a lovely woven lattice design, and is guaranteed to sexy up any outfit!! Just don’t forget the red lipstick 😉

Red Velvet Heels

Red Velvet Heels, $79.99

Seriously guys, how cool is this shoe!? I’ve immediately fallen in love with the rich red velvet and that ridiculously cute patent bow, but then I see that heel. That heel just puts this shoe over the edge. I just love to see one-of-a-kind shoes like this…they really make my day! If these drop a little in price, or if I happen to have an extra 80 bucks lying around, these babies are mine!!!

Plum Brandy Pumps

Plum Brandy Pumps, $29.99

I always love purple shoes, even if they are simple. That being said, I just had to add these. You really do need to have at least one purple shoe in your wardrobe!!! (I have three :D)

Tell me what you think!

~Which is your favorite???


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