My Shoes From Target

Alright so I FINALLY got my Sigerson Morrison for Target shoes yesterday and I LOVE them! I got sooooo many compliments about them today and they really are super hot! For those of you who remember my older post, I received both the Mossimo Verla and the Sigerson Morrison shoes last week, but they sent me a size 10 instead of a size 7…Don’t get me started. So after sending it back I was able to get a refund and purchase the right size for a few dollars cheaper ($5 and change!) because of the mishap.

So I was extremely excited when I received the CORRECT size of the Sigerson Morrison shoes and was fairly happy with the shape of them. I will say that a couple of the purple studs had fallen off and I had to superglue them back on (that kinda bummed me out, but I got them at the end of the sale (due to their error) so I think I got one of the pairs that kept getting pushed back because of the loose pieces). But I fixed those up and they still looked super cute, so I’m happy. How could I complain for that price!!?!?

So, like I promised before, here are the pictures:


Sigerson Morrison Divya, $5.23


Mossimo Verla, $7.49

I do apologize about the picture quality, but I haven’t quite found a good set up to photograph my shoes yet, but I want to!!

These babies have gotten me SO MANY COMPLIMENTS, and no one can believe the price I paid!!! I highly reccomend Target shoes, they have never dissapointed me!


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