Exciting Times at Payless

So Payless is having a great sale right now, and I just had to share it with you. The reason why I’m so excited is because of their surprising improvement of shoe quality and appearance. They seriously have some awesome shoes there, and I would know, seeing that I just bought 2 for $25, thanks to this wonderful sale!!


And just in case you were interested, here are the two lovely pairs I just bought yesterday!

Abaeté for Payless Devon Ribbon Wedge

Abaeté for Payless Devon Ribbon Wedge, ON SALE FOR $19.99 (originally $38.00)

These shoes are so great. I wore them today and got TONS of compliments. And on top of the fact that they are extremely unique, colorful, and trendy, they are also VERY comfortable. I didn’t want to take them off!


Fioni Kardin, ON SALE FOR $10.00

I love the gold trim and the great cut-out detailing on the sides! Unfortunately I couldn’t find them on the website, so this is the best picture I could find for now (thanks to ebay) but I will try to take my own picture when I’m not so lazy!!

They were on sale for $10.00, but with this awesome sale, I got them for $5.00!!!


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