Sale at Shiekh Shoes

I was just browsing through the sale shoes at, and here are a few of my favorites:


Michael Antonio, Meagy, ON SALE FOR $29.97 (originally $39.97)

Seeing these shoes reminded me that I really don’t have a great pair of green shoes. The detailing on these is just fantastic, and I might just be added them to my list…


Michael Antonio, Joann, ON SALE FOR $25.00 (originally $39.97)

Once again I immediately fell in love with the color. This is a great teal blue, and I love that it is a Mary Jane.


Shiekh, DS SW7214, ON SALE FOR $27.00 (originally $39.97)

We’re seeing that purple will also be carrying over to next season (which I am very happy about!), and this is really just a great wedge for all the seasons!


4 thoughts on “Sale at Shiekh Shoes

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