Worst Idea for a Shoe Ever…

I wish this was a joke…I really do. But sadly this shoe is for real, and what’s worse–it’s selling for about 1000 euros.

So now I present to you for your viewing pleasure, or not, Rick Owen’s ‘Hidden Sandal’


This is basically what it looks like


This is what you’ll never see


So I’ve been trying to find some really good reasons why women should buy this shoe, and I’ve come up with a couple:

  • You’re going to be a Clydesdale this year for Halloween
  • Your floors are really dusty and you’re too lazy to sweep

Please feel free to share your reasons for wanting to buy this shoe!!


2 thoughts on “Worst Idea for a Shoe Ever…

  1. Ya when I saw these I thought they were so stupid! Then, I met a girl, with possibly the nastiest feet I’d ever seen….
    She is the one person who should get these… lol

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