Last week at T.J. Maxx I came across the GREATEST pair of Via Spiga’s but I didn’t buy them. I thought about them all week, and today on my lunch break I went back, and they still had them. They were clearanced for $30 down from $200 which is an amazing deal for the brand, but I was trying to be good! That was until I tried them on and a couple cute little old ladies asked me for fashion advice and continued to tell me that I definitely needed to buy those shoes. That’s all I needed to hear, and SOLD.

Soooo….tonight as I’m doing my weekend online browsing, what do I find?


The EXACT SAME shoe on

And guess what they’re selling it for??

$145.25!!! Right now!!!!

You can check it out here:

Although, I would highly recommend you take a trip to T.J. Maxx instead!!!


One thought on “VIA SPIGA AMAZING FIND!!!

  1. OMG I am sooo excited for you! hahah How obsessed am I? But thats awesome I can’t believe only $30!! I wish I lived in the States, if only for the incredible deals you can find down there! We don’t have a tj maxx or marshalls, or ross, but every time I go to Seattle I try to find them! My friend got a pair of Guess shoes for $12 at Ross! That is UNHEARD of in BC! I should get you to do all my shopping and you can just ship me everything, it would be cheaper than buying in Canada lol
    And Ya i’m so going to add you to my blogroll!!

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