Top 10 Must-Have Shoes

Here is a list of ten shoes that all women (according to Glamour Magazine) should own:

Nude Peep-Toe Pumps

Finding a great pump that matches your skin-tone helps to elongate your legs.

Try these great heels from Target:

Women’s Side Knot Peep-Toe Stilettos


Black City Boots

Knee-High or Over-the-Knee Boots are all the rage, helping to keep you’re precious toes warm while also looking sleek and stylish.

How about these beauties from DSW:

Michael Antonio McKenzie Boot


Ballet Flats

These really go with almost any outfit, and can be dressed up for office attire or dressed down for a more casual outing.

Check out these super cute flats from New York & Company:

Flower-Embellished Ballerina Flat


Wooden Platform Sandals

These are a great daytime shoe when you want a fun and flirty style.

Loving these platforms from Nine West:



Canvas Sneakers

When you just have one of those days, full of not-so-glamorous errands, these are the shoes for you.

Throw on a pair of these sneaks from Mod Cloth:

Zooming Away Sneaker


Black Pumps

In my opinion, these should be at the top of the list! Black pumps are essential for any woman, anywhere. No question about it!

Fall in love with these amazingly comfortable and stylish pumps from Bakers:

Karen WP


Metallic Sandals

There’s nothing better than a great cocktail dress and some shimmering metallic heels.

These great metallic sandals from Aldo pump up any outfit:



Suede Booties

These eye-catching shoes give personality to any boring outfit, and are one of my favorites things about Fall.

I’m so in love with these blue booties from Payless:

Women’s Gerlinde Chop-Out Shootie


Flat Leather Sandals

A must-have for the summer, these can be worn with a great dress or jeans and a cute t-shirt.

Grab a pair of these great sandals from Dillards:

Alex Marie “Tyra” Sandals


Gorgeous Work of Art Shoes that Make You Feel Good

This, of course, is the show-stopper guilty pleasure shoe that every woman should have in her closet.

Here’s a more wearable option from Victoria’s Secret:

Colin Stuart Rhinestone Sandal


So, what are your must-have shoes?


The Shoe Rack Dilemma…

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of shoes over the years, and my closet is getting smaller and smaller, so it seems. I have an over-the-door shoe rack which holds some of my shoes, but I still have shoes piled (as neatly as possible) in my closet, using up my shelf space and all of my floor space, and it really is time that I do something about it. At first I found this 50 pair shoe rack at Target, but it got mixed reviews and honestly it seems like it would be a bit of an eye sore in my small room. I did, however, come across this interesting shoe organizer by Rakku, and I’ve been debating whether or not it’s something I might want to invest in.

Here’s some pictures to get a better idea…



This really does seem like a great space saver, and it’s definitely a unique way to store your shoes! Now I’m just wondering how it is on the shoes. I found it on Target’s website, but unfortunately there were only a couple reviews but they both complained about how hard it was to put together. My question is: Is it worth it?

Anyone have any shoe storage tips?

And now for a poll….

More Interesting Facts and Studies

I was browsing through a Shopsmart Shoe Poll today, and I read some interesting facts. After I post these I think I might make some polls of my own to see if they match up!

High roller dancing queen

High roller dancing queen

What’s In Your Closet?

* 15% of the female population has over 30 pairs currently in their closets.

* One third (33%) of women have trouble finding the room to store all of their shoes.

The Price You Pay

* On average, women purchase four pairs of shoes per year.

* 97% of women say that their shoe shopping has never created financial problems for them, but 13% have hidden a purchase from a significant other.

* 60% of women have regretted at least one shoe purchase.

Suffering for Fashion

* Close to half of the female population (43%) has been injured, at least moderately, by their shoes.

* 8% of women have experienced severe injuries such as sprains or breaks.

Online Shoe Shopping-Not Yet a Big Hit

* Unlike clothing, which is the most often purchased item online by women, online shoe shopping has not yet caught on. Only 14% of women make any of their shoe purchases online.

* 74% of women said that their main reason for not shopping online is that they prefer to try on shoes before purchasing.

Tips to Online Shoe Shopping

The Web is where you will find the widest range of styles, sizes and bargains. And with the growth of free shipping on purchases and returns, shopping online is less intimidating. ShopSmart experts share their online shopping tips to help you get the best deal every time:

* STICK TO BRANDS YOU KNOW: If you are new to shoe shopping online, sticking with brands you know and love can raise your odds of getting a pair that fits. Or shop only at sites with free returns like Zappos and Piperlime, which send you easy-to-use, prepaid UPS return labels.

* TRY SHOES ON CARPETED SURFACES: When shoes arrive in the mail, only try them on carpeted surfaces so the bottoms won’t get scuffed. Many sites won’t accept returns if the shoes have visible wear, like rough bottoms, creases in the leather or any dirt.

* KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING: To ensure that the shoes will appear new if you choose to return them, keep everything including the little pack of silica gel.

* SEND UNWANTED SHOES BACK FAST: Some sites, like Zappos, will accept returns for up to a year but most require returns to be made within 30 to 60 days of purchase.

* SIGN UP FOR E-MAIL UPDATES: To catch the big bargains, sign up for e-mail updates to be notified of the latest sales.

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