Recent Purchase from Bakers

Yesterday I took a trip to the mall, and of course had to stop by Bakers. I absolutely love their shoes, but normally don’t buy any because they’re a bit above my price range. On my way out, I walked past the clearance section and found a pair of shoes I’ve had my eye on for quite some time.

Bakers Isis

Birdcage Ankle Bootie

Originally $89.95, ON SALE FOR $49.95!

Now I just have to wait for it to warm up a bit so I can wear them!!!


Highlights from Spring 2010 Couture

The 2010 Couture Show has come and gone, and once again there are quite a few looks that have caused some excitement (and not just for me!) Here are some really fantastic (and some not so great) trends to look out for in the next few months from the 2010 Couture Show!!

First up…


These are pretty nice. Nothing that really wows me, but I do like them all.

Next on the list:


When I look at the first photo, I immediately think 1950’s Barbie meets Lady Gaga. It’s an interesting combination. As for the shoes, I really love the heel detail but I can’t help but think that overall the shoes look kind of cheap. I am really hoping that one of these days the super ornate heel trend will catch on in the affordable shoe market!

Onto one of my favorites:


I absolutely love the equestrian influences here! And I always love a good ballgown. This was the showstopper in my book.


I am loving the t-strap bootie and desperately want a pair for myself!


I’m surprised to say that I actually really enjoy the Avatar inspired collection here.

Those shoes with that purse on the top are definitely on my outfit wish list 🙂

And lastly…


The first shoe is a little too mummy-ish to me, but the other two are pretty awesome. The cut-out and pieced together look is a lot of fun.

What are your thoughts?

Do You ShoeDazzle?

So I just found out about ShoeDazzle at work yesterday. Basically, you subscribe through their website and describe your style to them. It costs $40 a month and they send you a pair of shoes each month TO KEEP according to your specifications. If you don’t see any shoes you like, you can skip a month and get two for the following month. I’m just now about to try it out, so I’ll be sure to update when I get my first pair!

Here’s the website:

These are some of the shoes you can get. All for $40!

What are your thoughts?

This is Why I Love!

I always find the most unique and unusual shoes at, and I love them!!! And they have a $5 flat rate for shipping! Here’s some of my faves:


Banana Split Heels, $39.99

This peep toe has some great detailing and one hell of a pop of color.


It’s A Mod World Oxfords, $39.99

What a jazzy spin on the classic Oxford! Sexy and cute, all wrapped in one.


Wall Street Heels, $39.99

This shoe is so full of personality, how could you not want it!?!?


Heavy Metal Sandals in Black Sunday, $27.99

A nice bit of hardware on the ever-popular Gladiator sandal.

And last but most certainly not least…


Unicorn Princess Heels, $119.99 (SOLD OUT)

These are definitely above my price range, but aren’t they AWESOME!? Yes, a little weird, and a bit quirky, but I would wear the hell out of these!!!

Love these picks? Hate them? Let me know!!

What do you think?

My Shoes From Target

Alright so I FINALLY got my Sigerson Morrison for Target shoes yesterday and I LOVE them! I got sooooo many compliments about them today and they really are super hot! For those of you who remember my older post, I received both the Mossimo Verla and the Sigerson Morrison shoes last week, but they sent me a size 10 instead of a size 7…Don’t get me started. So after sending it back I was able to get a refund and purchase the right size for a few dollars cheaper ($5 and change!) because of the mishap.

So I was extremely excited when I received the CORRECT size of the Sigerson Morrison shoes and was fairly happy with the shape of them. I will say that a couple of the purple studs had fallen off and I had to superglue them back on (that kinda bummed me out, but I got them at the end of the sale (due to their error) so I think I got one of the pairs that kept getting pushed back because of the loose pieces). But I fixed those up and they still looked super cute, so I’m happy. How could I complain for that price!!?!?

So, like I promised before, here are the pictures:


Sigerson Morrison Divya, $5.23


Mossimo Verla, $7.49

I do apologize about the picture quality, but I haven’t quite found a good set up to photograph my shoes yet, but I want to!!

These babies have gotten me SO MANY COMPLIMENTS, and no one can believe the price I paid!!! I highly reccomend Target shoes, they have never dissapointed me!

A Recent Discovery!!

Somehow, until just a few days ago, I had never heard of And I am so glad I found out about this site, because IT IS AWESOME! The prices are amazing and they have all the popular styles. I have already found about 15 pairs that I want and I’ve only been through the first few pages….So I decided to share some of my favorites, and will probably add more later.


Shiekh Elken

Shiekh Elken, $39.97

I am loving these….who needs a checkered flag when you have these babies!?!?

Shiekh Sasha-2

Shiekh Sasha, $44.97

These remind me of the Jimmy Choos, although I don’t yet know how I feel about that squared toe…

Shiekh Kyra

Shiekh Kyra , $39.97

The contrast stitching and that cute little bow make this shoe so flirty and fun!

Michael Antonio Muna

Michael Antonio Muna, $59.97

These booties have a definite rocker edge to them with the cutouts and studs, as well as that 5 inch heel!!

Shiekh Banana

Shiekh Banana, $39.97

This is a great pump with a nice accent on the vamp. It kind of makes you think of subtle fireworks, no?

Shiekh Seduce

Shiekh Seduce, $49.97

What I love about this shoe is the bold pattern and the in your face colors. This is definitely the way to make an entrance…

Michael Antonio Chai

Michael Antonio Chai, $41.97

I love these shoes. I actually saw them in blue in People Magazine, which is what directed me to the site. The banded straps and the bold colors make for quite a head turning change to the gladiator sandal!

Shiekh Flare10X

Shiekh Flare10X, $44.97

So this style also comes in black and white as well as a multicolored, and it took me awhile to decide that this color theme was my favorite. This cute little satin peep toe looks great with that bold pattern, which is a nice change.

Shiekh Fortune

Shiekh Fortune, $44.97

The metal studs in this make this such a rebellious shoe…I just love it. It’s like rocker meets biker meets sophisticated hottie 🙂

~Share your thoughts!

Which one is your favorite??

What’s New at Nine West

Just browsing through Nine West’s site and found some pretty cool shoes; here’s some I thought I would share with everyone!

Udell, Boutique 9

Udell, Boutique 9

Udell, Boutique 9, $135

Sometimes satin can look so nice on a shoe, and this is one of those looks.

Sophisticated peep toe satin pump with pleated vamp on a 4″ heel. Great with jeans and perfect for evening.

Jai, Nine West

Jai, Nine West

Jai, Nine West, $89

The print is completely adorable, and yet the shoe remains sexy. To be honest, these shoes just make me happy when I see them. And that right there is enough to make me want to buy them!

Drop dead sexy peep toe pump on covered platform front and 4″ heel.

Jamil, Nine West

Jamil, Nine West

Jamil, Nine West, $89

A nice gladiator inspired sandal for the summer.

Stud your way into a great pair of gladiator sandals. Open toe strappy sandal on 3 1/2″wood heel.

Jenicca, Nine West

Jenicca, Nine West

Jenicca, Nine West, $79

Also available in a multi-colored metallic as well as a multi-colored in brights.

Stunningly sexy gladiator sandal with ankle strap on 4″ heel.

Steve Madden Pre-Order

Continuing my browsing on Steve Madden’s website, I was looking through the pre-order shoes and found some pretty cool stuff. Here are some of the best ones in my opinion…

Revenu, Steve Madden

Revenu, Steve Madden

Revenu, Steve Madden, $129.95

These are ridiculous. In a good way. I would LOVE to have these in my collection!

Act like a celebrity in the city that never sleeps in these studded heels. You will stop traffic when wearing these at any event. 4.5 inch heel. 1 inch hidden platform. Suede upper. Leather sole. Studded top. Tie in the back.

Rockerr, Steve Madden

Rockerr, Steve Madden

Rockerr, Steve Madden, $179.95

The name says it all…these are definite rocker shoes.

Strap up and rock out with your socks off in these criss crossed eye catchers. 4.5 inch heel. Leather Upper. Leather sole. Back Zipper

Shakey, Steve Madden

Shakey, Steve Madden

Shakey, Steve Madden, $89.95

A great sandal for this coming summer.

The question to ask is….what can you NOT wear these sandals with? They are so adorable! Pair them up with anything and you will be very happy with that outfit! Leather upper. Leather sole. Studded dangly accessories on top.

Slamerr, Steve Madden

Slamerr, Steve Madden

Slamerr, Steve Madden, $179.95

I’m loving the buckles and the pewter on this shoe.

Be pretty in punk in NYC’s Alphabet city! You will look stylish and tall in these 4.5 inch heels. Leather upper. Leather sole. 4.5 in heel. 1 inch hidden platform

Tayla, Steve Madden

Tayla, Steve Madden

Tayla, Steve Madden, $119.95

These have great structure, which is what I love about them.

A modern Mary Jane platform puts a twist on the innocent iconic heel. A must for any fashion darling! Suede upper. Leather sole. 4.5 in Heel. 0.5 in covered platform. Side zipper.

Tessaa, Steve Madden

Tessaa, Steve Madden

Tessaa, Steve Madden, $189.95

These have an interesting twist to them and also have great structure.

These fantastic platforms will keep you looking hot hot hot in these cold winter months. 4 inch heel. 1 inch platform. Leather upper. Adjustable ankle strap. Leather sole

Browsing through Steve Madden’s Clearance Section

I was browsing through Steve Madden’s website and saw some pretty awesome shoes on their clearance section. Now I am all about finding super cute shoes for super cheap prices, so you’ll normally see most of my top picks in the $30-$50 range (which as a recent college grad is my current budget for shoes, that way I can still get a bunch of them!) so these aren’t all necessarily super cheap, but the prices are definitely still great!

Check out some of my faves below.

AERIALL, Steve Madden

AERIALL, Steve Madden

AERIALL, Steve Madden, $39.99 (originally $59.95)

I started out with these because the price is awesome, and I’ve been loving this style all season. I love the cutouts here and there, and the bronze adds a nice flair to it.

4 inch heel. 0.25 platform. Synthetic upper. Slip on entry. Synthetic sole. Madden Girl by Steve Madden.

BODIE, Steve Madden

BODIE, Steve Madden

BODIE, Steve Madden, $74.99 (originally $199.95)

The burgundy color with the patent black piping completely modernizes this shoe, and the ankle strap is all kinds of sexy.

This classic platform is updated with patent piping and a modern scalloped cut silhouette. 4.5 inch heel. 1 inch platform. Leather upper. Adjustable ankle strap. Synthetic sole.

Jiinggle, Steve Madden

Jiinggle, Steve Madden

Jiinggle, Steve Madden, $59.99 (originally $79.95)

The sexy heel and multiple straps really amplify this shoe.

These fierce patent T-strap heels are sure to make heads turn.  4.5 inch heel. 0.25 inch platform. Patent upper. Two adjustable ankle straps. Synthetic sole

Karlitta, Steve Madden

Karlitta, Steve Madden

Karlitta, Steve Madden,$99.99 (originally $109.95)

These shoes are FIERCE!

Spice up your wardrobe with these exotic python embossed peep toes. 4.75 inch heel. 1.25 inch platform. Synthetic upper. Synthetic sole.

Lexxa, Steve Madden

Lexxa, Steve Madden

Lexxa, Steve Madden, $99.99 (originally $169.95)

Yet another fierce shoe that proves you aren’t afraid to kick some ass!

Your wardrobe just got an edgy makeover with these rocker chic studded peep toes. 4.25 inch heel. 0.25 inch covered platform. Suede upper. Leather sole. Steven by Steve Madden

Lolipop, Steve Madden

Lolipop, Steve Madden

Lolipop, Steve Madden, $69.99 (originally $109.95)

The description on this shoe is spot on…this shoe is great for ANY occasion, it’s very classy and sophisticated while still being trendy.

Peep-toe season is right around the corner and these hidden platform patent peeps are perfect for any occasion. 4.25 inch heel. 0.5 inch hidden platform. Patent upper. Synthetic sole.

Lollaa, Steve Madden

Lollaa, Steve Madden

Lollaa, Steve Madden, $89.99 ($99.95)

I was SUPER EXCITED when I saw this shoe, it’s almost exactly like the Strata by Oh Deer! which I absolutely LOVE!

Strike a pose in these stunning cutout patent heels. 4.75 inch heel. 0.25 inch platform. Patent upper. Adjustable ankle strap. Synthetic sole.

Madalynn, Steve Madden

Madalynn, Steve Madden

Madalynn, Steve Madden, $69.99 (originally $109.95)

This is a shoe I posted on earlier, playing on the gladiator style which I quite enjoy.

The embossed leather and intricate cut outs give this gladiator inspired style a fabulously glamorous look. 4.5 inch heel. Leather upper. Adjustable ankle straps. Synthetic sole.

Martiny, Steve Madden

Martiny, Steve Madden

Martiny, Steve Madden, $67.99 (originally 149.95)

This is an amazing savings, and let’s face it, these shoes are freakin HOT!

These strappy booties are one hot pair of shoes. Pair them with a form fitting dress for a great evening look. 4 inch heel. Leather upper. Back zipper closure. Leather sole. Steven by Steve Madden.

Traumaa, Steve Madden

Traumaa, Steve Madden

Traumaa, Steve Madden, $99.95 (originally $129.95)

These aren’t quite as elegant as the ones above, but they are waaaay tougher.

Born to be RAD in the Fashion District in this Trauma Heel. Leather. 3.5 inch heel. Peep Toe.

Demy, Steve Madden

Demy, Steve Madden

Demy, Steve Madden, $74.99 (originally $149.95)

I never thought ruffles could look so tough!

Ruffles are a huge trend this season and these peep toes are a perfect way to show off your inner fashion sense. 4.25 inch heel. Suede and Leather uppers. Leather sole. Steven by Steve Madden.

Elivate, Steve Madden

Elivate, Steve Madden

Elivate, Steve Madden, $99.95 (originally $149.95)

Oh my God these boots are to die for!!!!

‘Elivate’ your winter wardrobe to new fashion heights with this covered platform stiletto bootie. 4.5 inches. 0.75 inch covered platform. Leather upper. Inside zipper. Shaft is 4.25 inches. Synthetic sole

Rufles, Steve Madden

Rufles, Steve Madden

Rufles, Steve Madden, $69.95 (originally $99.95)

An updated ruffles shoe with a higher platform.

Add a touch of detail to any outfit with this adorable ‘Rufles’ platform. 5 inch heel. 1.5 inch platform. Synthetic and Satin uppers. Adjustable ankle strap. Synthetic sole

Vivvaa Platinum, Steve Madden

Vivvaa Platinum, Steve Madden

Vivvaa, Steve Madden, $69.99 (originally $99.95)

These shoes are really great. The scallop sides imitate Louboutins but the colors are what I love most about this shoe. I decided to show the yellow and purple below because I just can’t decide which I love most.

These scalloped pumps come in the seasons hottest hues and textures. 4 inch heel. 0.75 inch hidden platform. Various uppers. Synthetic sole.

Vivvaa Yellow Suede, Steve Madden

Vivvaa Yellow Suede, Steve Madden

Vivvaa Yellow Suede, Steve Madden, $69.99 (originally $99.95)

Vivvaa Purple Suede, Steve Madden

Vivvaa Purple Suede, Steve Madden

Vivvaa Purple Suede, Steve Madden, $69.99 (originally $99.95)

Oh how I love clearances!!!


A Trip to Newport News

Just browsing through and I found some great shoes, of course! They’re having some good sales right now, so be sure to visit their site!!

Buckle-trim shoe-boot, Newport News, $29.00

Buckle-trim shoe-boot

Buckle-trim shoe-boot, Newport News, $29.00

These immediately caught my eye. They have such a vintage/antique look to them, while the brass studs and peep toe really modernize it. I just love these!

Unique peep-toe shoe-boot with brass studs and two buckled straps. 4¼” covered, set-back heel; ½” platform. Burnished leather-look. Imported.

Ankle-strap sandal, Newport News, $34.00

Ankle-strap sandal

Ankle-strap sandal, Newport News, $34.00

These in my opinion are cute meets sexy all wrapped together in one shoe.

Ankle-strap sandal with contrast satin bow, 4″ stiletto heel, 1/2″ platform. Leather-look. Imported.

Metallic ankle boot, Newport News, $39.00

Metallic ankle boot

Metallic ankle boot, Newport News, $39.00

Combining all the great metallics brought out in this season, this shoe is quite a statement on its own.

Multi-texture ankle boot in 3 metallic tones; 4″ stiletto heel; leather look. Imported.

Three-tone patent pump, Newport News, $34.00

Three-tone patent pump

Three-tone patent pump, Newport News, $34.00

The multiple tones of this shoe give it a bit of drama, and what girl can be without a little drama in her life???

Three-tone patent pump on a 3¼” molded wedge; oval toe. Leather-look. Imported.

Beaded t-strap sandal, Newport News, $24.00

Beaded t-strap sandal

Beaded t-strap sandal, Newport News, $24.00

A nice summer sandal with a bit of pizazz!

Sleek T-strap sandal embellished with sparkly beading. Buckled ankle strap, 3 ½” stiletto heel. Imported.

T-strap thong sandal, Newport News, $19.00

T-strap thong sandal

T-strap thong sandal, Newport News, $19.00

I think this is a great sandal for a casual summer outfit. I’m all about high heels all the time, even when I’m going for a casual look, so this shoe is great for that.

Golden T-strap thong sandal with a buckled ankle strap and covered 3″ heel. Suede-look. Imported.