Red Hot Love

It’s time for those red hot Valentine shoes! And even better, they’re all under $50!

That’s less than most Valentine’s flowers. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take shoes over flowers any day.


My Darling Peep Toe Pump

$79.99 PLUS an additional 40% off for a limited time
On sale from $90

With that bow, it’s practically telling you that it’s a present for your feet.



Womens Bamboo by Journee Rosette
Accent Platform Pump


For those girls that really do love flowers,
these shoes have a cute rosette on the side.



Women’s Mossimo Pernella Fun Heel


These shoes are cute, comfortable, and trendy. The great thing about these is that they’re universal. You can dress them up, or simply wear them with a pair of jeans. Practical and inexpensive!



X-Front Velvet Peep-Toe Pump

Charlotte Russe
$17.50 for a limited time
On sale from $32.50

The X-front MAKES this shoe. These are super sexy, and great for a red-hot date!




On sale from $100

I love attitude. I have plenty of it, just ask anyone who knows me. So these shoes speak to me. It brings sexy and sassy into one show-stopping shoe.




Nine West
On sale from $89

These are safe and simple, but in a classic way, not a frumpy one! Every girl needs a Mary Jane, and these are great in patent red with black accents.



Pointed Patent Pumps

Forever 21

No one will miss these bright red pumps, and every girl should own a pair!



Perforated Peep Toe Pumps

Forever 21

Sometimes, you just need a pump with character. And these shoes have it.



Crisscross Stiletto Sandals

Forever 21

Anyone who liked the Giuseppe Zanotti heels from my previous post will love these. They are a vibrant red with some criss-crossing and a back zipper. And not $1,000. What’s not to love?



Sueded Laser-Cut Peep Toe Pump

Charlotte Russe

For the girls who need pink in their lives.
These have a great laser-cut design with gold accent on the heel.



Women’s La Femme Pump by Christian Siriano


And of course, nothing says sexy like leopard print. These will be stunning with a red dress.



Printed Pointy Flats


Flats! You didn’t think I’d forget about them, did you?
These will be comfortable for a night on the town, but still trendy.



Metal Heart Flats

Forever 21

If hearts are your thing, then these are your shoes.
Metal hearts accent this simple red flat.



Patent Ballet Flats

Forever 21

Yet another universal shoe!
Great patent flat that can be worn with a dress or jeans.



Women’s Perforated Ballet Flats

Old Navy

And finally, a bright pink perforated flat that is cute and comfortable.


So, there you have it. 15 great Valentine’s Day shoes for less than $50.
Have a happy one 🙂


New Year’s Discounts

For anyone who lives on the East Coast, you guys have an idea of what the weather has been like here. Living in an area that’s not used to snow, getting 14 inches is quite an accomplishment. Add on the 400+ accidents on the road and suddenly the snow isn’t nearly as enjoyable.

So…I decided to finally join AAA.

Why didn’t I do this sooner!?!? Here are some of the discounts I’ll be getting with my membership:

Banana Republic Factory Stores, Gap Outlets, New York & Company, Payless,, and!

So on top of being covered behind the wheel, I now have even more discounts to add to my shoe purchases!

Super Comfy Flats from Target

Yesterday, while shopping in Target, I of course had to make a pit stop in the shoe section. I came across these flats and was immediately drawn to the purple ones. I’m typically pretty skeptical about flats because they’re not normally as comfortable as one would hope, but these fit surprisingly well. I liked them so much that I bought a pair in purple (or berry) and black. I wore the purple ones ALL day today and I didn’t have any comfort issues. No pain, no blisters, just happy, comfy feet 🙂

Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats


Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats


These flats also come in yellow, teal, red, gray, brown, and taupe.

As a sidenote, I would like to once again recommend that if you don’t already have some, INVEST IN BAND AID BRAND BLISTER BLOCK!

I don’t always remember to put it on, but I ALWAYS make sure to wear it when I have new shoes on. You always have to break them in, and the Blister Block helps to take away the friction from the shoe to your foot.

I’ve only seen Blister Block at drug stores like Walgreens and CVS, so make sure to pick some up!

Emma Stone’s Boots in Zombieland

Hi everyone!! It’s been awhile but I just HAD to talk about how amazing Emma Stone’s boots are in Zombieland!! I just saw the movie yesterday and loved it, and all day today all I can think about is how much I WANT THOSE BOOTS!!!


Sooo….here’s the hunt for an afforable pair for myself 🙂

Madden Girl Ivorry Wedge Boot 5995 DSW

Madden Girl Ivorry Wedge Boot

found at DSW for $59.95

close…but not quite…


Merona Kallista Riding Boots

found at Target for $39.99

Now these are better…


Crinkle Flat Boots

found at Charlotte Russe for $34.99

I think I like these the best!!

What do you think? Let me know!!


So I was just informed by a reader that Charlotte Russe has sold out of the Crinkle Flat Boots as of today. Fortunately I ordered my pair last night (my size was the only one left) and I am anxiously waiting their arrival at my doorstep!!! But for those of you who are still looking for that great ‘Wichita’ boot, I’ve got some more additions…

I’ll start off with the more expensive ones and work my way down to a more affordable price range…


Unisa Riri Boot

found at for $99

It’s ok…but I’m not excited.


Aerosoles Ride Line
found at for $89
I must say I’m very impressed with Aerosoles…didn’t think they had it in them to make a boot like this! It definitely has more hardware than Emma Stone’s but they’re still a very close match.
Chaps Caleigh Tall Boots, Kohls
originally $99.99, ON SALE FOR $69.99
Now these are a good match! A litte more expensive than the ones at Charlotte Russe, but I think it’s still a pretty good deal!!
So now I start the hunt for a great jacket….
I think my Halloween costume is covered this year 🙂

A Few of My Favorites at Target

Just browsing through Target’s website and I found a few nice shoes under this season’s trends section. It seems that the gladiator style is still very much in, as well as animal textures and hardware.

These are my top three right now:


Mossimo Pavla Flat Sandal, Grey patent, $24.99

This is a nice refreshed version of the very prominent gladiator sandal for this coming summer. I love the grey, and the studs really give it a nice touch.


Xhilaration Tameka Flat Sandals, Bronze Snake, $19.99

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite. I mean look at the embellishment on this sandal! The beading detail is just fantastic, and so is the price!


Mossimo Vida Peep-Toe Pumps, Copper Snake $26.99

The first thing I notice on these pumps is the great copper color. And then I notice the cutout details and the adorable peep-toe. I really love this pump.

The Shoe Rack Dilemma…

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of shoes over the years, and my closet is getting smaller and smaller, so it seems. I have an over-the-door shoe rack which holds some of my shoes, but I still have shoes piled (as neatly as possible) in my closet, using up my shelf space and all of my floor space, and it really is time that I do something about it. At first I found this 50 pair shoe rack at Target, but it got mixed reviews and honestly it seems like it would be a bit of an eye sore in my small room. I did, however, come across this interesting shoe organizer by Rakku, and I’ve been debating whether or not it’s something I might want to invest in.

Here’s some pictures to get a better idea…



This really does seem like a great space saver, and it’s definitely a unique way to store your shoes! Now I’m just wondering how it is on the shoes. I found it on Target’s website, but unfortunately there were only a couple reviews but they both complained about how hard it was to put together. My question is: Is it worth it?

Anyone have any shoe storage tips?

And now for a poll….

Some Great Valentine’s Day Shoes From Target

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite shoes from Target in just the right shades of those colors of love 😉

Mossimo Ikia Dress ShoesMossimo Ikia Dress Shoes, $22.99

A nice low heel, and a little bit of a less obvious Valentine’s Day color.

Mossimo Hailey Knotted Strap Heels Mossimo Hailey Knotted Strap Heel, $19.99

These strappy shoes are definitely a ‘look at me’ red and have a great braiding detail on the vamp.

Mossimo Veronique Platform Pump

Mossimo Veronique Platform Pump, $26.99

These are a little more simple, but a really great design that has a very slight hint of Louboutin.

Merona Elani Demi WedgesMerona Elani Demi Wedges, $22.99

For those of you who just can’t take a killer heel all day, these are some really great sandals that don’t look frumpy.

Merona Melvina Slingback FlatsMerona Melvina Slingback Flats, $24.99

Another great flat in a beautiful deep red.

Mossimo Velda Patent Oxford PumpsMossimo Velda Patent Oxford Pumps, $29.99

For those of you who want more of a cutesy shoe on your special date.

Mossimo Danae Buckle PumpsMossimo Danae Buckle Pumps, $26.99

These are definitely one of my favorites. It has a great little buckle above a nice peep toe, as well as a slight platform.

Xhilaration Sharon Peep-Toe PumpsXhilaration Sharon Peep-Toe Pumps, $22.99

Who can do without an adorable red patent pair of Mary Janes???

Mossimo Irene Peep-Toe Dress ShoesMossimo Irene Peep-Toe Dress Shoes, $22.99

For those of you who are more into the frills and ruffles, this is all kinds of girly!

Mossimo Verdi WedgesMossimo Verdi Wedges, $18.89

The wedge on this shoe is awesome, and this color is absolutely divine. Definitely another favorite!

Mossimo Verity Platform PumpMossimo Verity Platform Pump, $29.99

This is a great coral color, and the ankle strap really adds to the design.

So for anyone who needs a last minute V-Day shoe, be sure to stop by Target!!!

What are your special Valentine’s Day plans??

My Order!!

As some of you may know, last week I ordered two pairs of shoes from Target’s INSANELY cheap sale. These are the two I ordered:

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Well yesterday I finally got the package I had been waiting for all week and, as you can imagine, I was SOOOOO EXCITED when I saw that little Target box! SO I opened it up, and ripped open the first box, which was the Sigerson Morrison shoes (the ones I was REALLY anticipating) and I almost cried when I did…they gave me the wrong size by THREE SIZES! I even checked my order and receipt again, where it clearly said size 7 for both….but somehow they sent me a size 10. TEN. Meaning the actual box size was bigger too. It’s not like a half size accident or anything that could go unnoticed. This was a major difference, I mean the size 10 box is like 3 inches longer than the 7!!! So I seriously almost cried…but went ahead and checked out the Mossimo Verla pumps, which fortunately WERE the right size, and to my happy surprise, way cuter than the picture. Unfortunately though, at the time I was so upset about the Sigerson Morrison shoes that I couldn’t pay the other ones much mind. So I printed out the ticket to take it to the local Target store and return the shoes…and when I got there they told me they couldn’t put the order in for me there, and that in order to have them sent to me without me having to pay the price+shipping all over again that I would have to call their customer service number. I groaned a little on the inside, but went ahead and made the call…

I want to start off by saying that the reps are soooo nice, and the guy I talked to was really helpful and made me feel a lot better. Fortunately they still have some size 7’s left in stock (I was so worried they wouldn’t seeing that these shoes were on sale for $9.24) and so he put the order through for me. I tried to get the shipping expedited seeing that it was their error, but he told me if I did that I would have to pay $16.00, even after a $9.00 credit. So then he told me that he would still be able to give me the $9.00 credit to put towards a 3-5 day shipping, which made the amount come to $5.23 after tax. Which means I got these shoes half off the sale price because of their error. So…even though $9.24 was insanely cheap, I still managed to get them even cheaper! So hopefully I’ll have those sometime next week, and then I can give a review about them. After all of that, I was able to go back home and enjoy the gray Mossimo Verla’s…

And I have been enjoying them. The Verla is soooo nice. The picture above (from is really washed out, but in real life it’s like a taupe color and the canvas part is a light beige, not white. I will add some pictures later, but right now I’ll just give my review. After trying them on I was so pleased with the fit, and once I walked around I was amazed at how comfortable they are. So I wore them to work today (I work Tuesday through Saturday) and I got SO MANY compliments. I’m known as the ‘shoe girl’ at work so the girls are always looking to see what shoes I’m wearing, and today I did not dissapoint! Everyone loved them, and no one could believe I bought these for $7.49 from TARGET! So I gave them the ultimate test while at work, mostly sitting, but I did walk around quite a bit as well (and I walk fast, which can sometimes be painful if the shoe doesn’t fit right.) The 8 hours went by and my feet are STILL comfortable, and as a matter of fact I’m still wearing them…I don’t even want to take them off!! The hidden platform really helps to make them super comfortable, and the adjustable strap keeps my foot from sliding at all. I could seriously wear these all day, and I think I just might!!!


So I found some awesome deals and steals while browsing through, and even though they are so cheap, I might just break the bank because I want to buy them ALL!!!! I have put up a bunch of my favorites that I think shouldn’t be passed up. And believe me, at these prices, they won’t be available much longer!!

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pumps

Sigerson Morrison for Target Divya Crystal Pumps, $9.24

I’ve been keeping my eye on these Sigerson Morrison shoes for some time now. I love these shoes, they’re so glam and bad ass,  and to top it off, they’re purple (my favorite color, even before it became the IT color-which has become very useful for me now that you can find everything in purple). Sooo once I saw that price I went ahead and ordered them IMMEDIATELY!! I’ll be sure to let you know how these babies are when I get them!

Designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison balance edgy and classic, modern and retro, creating funky footwear that totally rocks. Add a Touch of Feminine Flair with these Stylish Pumps. Featured in Rich Black Embellished with Studs. Suede Upper with Synthetic Outsoles. 3″ Wrapped Heel. Features Slip On Styling with Flirty Peep Toe. Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Tagless Footbed, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Women's Mossimo Veronica Ruffle Pumps

Women's Mossimo Veronica Ruffle Pumps

Mossimo Veronica Ruffle Pumps, $13.49

These shoes have a great feminine feel to them with the ruffle and the little bow. The heel is small enough to where they are perfect for work or just one of those days where the 4 1/2 inch heel is out of the question!

Add a Touch of Feminine Flair with these Chic Pumps. Featured in Light Beige Embellished with Bow, Ruffled Trim. Faux Patent Leather, Faux Suede Upper with PVC Outsoles. 3″ Wrapped Heel. Features Slip On Styling with Almond Toe. Tagless Footbed, Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Mossimo Vester Mary Jane Pumps

Mossimo Vester Mary Jane Pumps

Mossimo Vester Mary Jane Pumps, $13.49

Who doesn’t love a cute Mary Jane Pump?!?!?

Finish Off Your Outfit with these Mary Jane Pumps. Beige, Black. Leather, Faux Patent Leather Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 3.25″ Wrapped Heel. Features Buckle with Fashionable Pointed Toe. Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Tagless Footbed, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Mossimo Darby Ombre Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

Mossimo Darby Ombre Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

Mossimo Darby Ombre Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

Patent leather. Purple. Low heel for work. Enough said!

Deliciously Stylish Pumps. Purple. Faux Patent Leather Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 2.5″ Wrapped Heel. Features Slip On Styling with Flirty Peep Toe. Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Tagless Footbed, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Mossimo Darby Floral Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

Mossimo Darby Floral Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

Mossimo Darby Floral Peep-Toe Pumps, $17.49

This is flirty and floral, and maybe a bit over the top for me, but it’s still a great shoe. It has color and personality and who doesn’t love that?

Add a Touch of Feminine Flair with these Trendy Pumps. Multi-Colored; with a Floral Pattern. Satin Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 2.5″ Faux-Stacked. Features Slip On Styling with Flirty Peep Toe. Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Xhilaration Sharon Peep-Toe Pumps, $11.49

Xhilaration Sharon Peep-Toe Pumps, $11.49

Xhilaration Sharon Peep-Toe Pumps, $11.49

The inner linings a bit distracting, but I think these shoes have some potential. Love the straps.

There’s No Way to be a Wallflower in these Mary Jane Pumps. Brown. Faux Patent Leather Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 3.5″ Wrapped Heel. Features Button Closure with Flirty Peep Toe. Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Isaac Mizrahi Audrey Oxford Pumps, $8.24

Isaac Mizrahi Audrey Oxford Pumps, $8.24

Isaac Mizrahi Audrey Oxford Pumps, $8.24

These are another good pair of shoes to wear to the office. They’re sophisticated with a low heel to keep your feet nice and comfy!

Dress Up Those Work Clothes with these Oxford-Style Pumps. Black. Leather Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 2.5″ Wrapped Heel. Features Slip On Styling with Almond Toe. Tagless Footbed, Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

Mossimo Verla Mary Jane Pumps, $7.49

This is another shoe I had to order as soon as I saw the price. It got great reviews, and let’s face it, It’s ADORABLE! I love the heel height and the Mary Jane style, and I have a weak spot for peep toes. This shoe was sold as soon as I clicked on the page! I’ll let you know how these shoes pan out!

Build Your Outfit from the Ground Up with these Mary Jane Pumps. Gray. Faux Suede, Textile Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles. 3.5″ Faux-Stacked Heel. Features Buckle with Flirty Peep Toe. Perforated Design. Tagless Footbed, Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel.

How to look chic for cheap

Being a recent college graduate, I have always been very aware of how much money I should spend. And while I do own a lot of shoes and am always buying more, I haven’t spent nearly as much as most women. I say, if you can find the same look for less, then why not? Amazingly, most women just don’t realize the quality of some of the shoes out there today.

One of my favorite places to look for surprisingly trendy AND comfortable shoes is Target. Just see for yourself!

Glam Crystal Booties

Glam Crystal Booties

Sigerson Morrison for Target Glam Crystal Booties, $27.99

My favorite Target shoe right now. Trendy, glam, what more could you want!?

Ruffle Wedge Sandal

Ruffle Wedge Sandal

Mossimo Panya Ruffle Wedge Sandal, Pewter, $29.99

Has the trendy ruffles, and keeps comfort with a wedge. Also a nice metallic, but pewter is a less obvious color.

Valonia Pump

Valonia Pump

Mossimo Valonia Pump, Navy, $29.99

A navy shoe that isn’t frumpy!!

On to Charlotte Russe, another company that makes surprisngly cute and comfortable shoes for an insansely cheap price!

Braided Platform Pumps

Braided Platform Pumps

Charlotte Russe Braided Platform Pumps, $29.99

These pumps feature a distressed matte faux leather, braided strap details at the peep toe, 4 1/2″ stacked faux wood cone heel with platform, and a lightly padded insole. Faux leather upper and rubber sole.

Patent Velvet Booties

Patent Velvet Booties

Charlotte Russe Patent Velvet Booties, $34.99

This shoe features a velvet fabric, patent faux leather trim, almond toe, button details, 4″ covered heel with platform, metallic contrast interior, and a lightly padded insole. Faux leather upper and rubber sole.

Wing Tip Patent Booties

Wing Tip Patent Booties

Charlotte Russe Wing Tip Patent Booties, $26.99

These menswear inspired shoes feature a patent faux leather, perforated “wing tip” trim throughout, split tongue, peep toe, 4″ covered heel with platform, and a metallic contrast lightly padded insole. Faux leather upper and rubber sole.

And one shoe that I absolutely LOVE at Forever 21.

Premiere Platform Pumps

Premiere Platform Pumps

Forever 21 Premier Platform Pumps, $32.80

These edgy platform pumps feature a unique rubber suede construction, a zipper closure, and a sexy high heel great for unforgettable evenings out on the town.